Monday, April 4, 2011

the week of the star

Today, I started my birthday week pamperings with a facial. It was a delight! Basically, I like to celebrate my birthday for the entire week. That's not just because it's my birthday, but so many of my favorite people have birthdays this week too! Including today, which is my dear, lovely, wonderful friend Bebhinn's birthday. 

We were born in "the week of the star" and that's certainly true of bright Bebhinn. When people say that I'm "put-together" I always laugh. Because when I think of put together, I think Bebhinn. She came to us in New York by way of Virginia by way of West Virginia, by way of Dublin, Ireland. And as soon as I met her, one fall day at Carleton V during my temp stint in interior design, I knew I was faced with the great female "two options." The "two options" was instituted at Rice and has always served me well. It goes a little something like this:

If you meet a girl that's really so super amazing that you're inclined to feel jealous, the best thing you can do is make friends with her. That's the second option. And it's the best one. Bebhinn was wearing this perfect white tailored shirt (she's the only person I know who can keep white tailored shirts looking perfect. I mean, come on!) and pencil skirt. And instead of dwelling on how I certainly would have already spilled something on it, I went up to her again and invited her to some event I was going to later that week. And we've been friends ever since! 

While it's her dream to work at Vogue someday, she's been keeping busy the last five years at Oscar de la Renta and Fendi. When I'm lucky, she lets me borrow stuff. And in true Bebhinn-to-Ryann ratio, last year, for my/our birthday, she gave me the most beautiful present I've received (this mother of pearl/python skin O de la R bracelet) which I promptly, clumsily broke. Typical.

I still have the bracelet though. Just like I still have the card she gave me at my going away party that says, "You're a fucking GENIUS!" It hangs over my desk while I write and reminds me that whether the rest of the world thinks I am or not, my lovely, classy, stylish friend thinks I am. And that's enough for me. 

Happy birthday, dear globe-trotting Bebhinn! I hope we can rendezvous in some beautiful European locale sometime soon. Much love to you!

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