Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Story

Here's a good theatre story: The day I got to Paris (ie: just one week of rehearsal days before opening) we had to replace our Muffin (read: lead, sings about 50% of the show) due to illness. We're technically doing a script in hand performance for this "musical in miniature" as I'm calling it. Nevertheless, everyone knows everything flows better when you're off book.

Vicki Robertson sat down in one day and just learned that part. Vicki's parents want her to be a doctor. She, as you can probably guess by now, has a real knack for the musical theatres. A bit like Muffin. 

Come check her, and the rest of  this fine group of people sing and "dance" today and tomorrow at the Barron. 

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  1. My first music director gig (which is a story in itself) was for a production of Music Man at Country Playhouse. Our Harold Hill had a diva fit and quit the week before we opened. We asked our Marcellus (who also had been one of my roommates at Rice) to step up. He was off book of Act I by Monday, and managed the opening with no prompting at all. By the third performance it was as if he had been cast from the beginning.


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