Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding's Most Ridiculous

Even though there's no beer at the wedding, Kate Middleton Beer!
(It was not great.)

My essay's turned in and now I'm off for Nettle Soup parties, flat hunting, and Edinburgh balls. (Also, Paris! On Monday!) But tomorrow is the much-talked-about-day. A part of me is sad to miss the shenanigans here in the city where Kate & Wills fell in love. But I've been collecting photos of the most ridiculous stuff I've seen. Ah, capitalism. For your enjoyment, I present them to you now. 

(And speaking of weddings. It's one of my all-time favorite couple's anniversary today! And I set them up!!! Go me! Happy Four Year Anniversary, Erin & Joel!)

and my fave: Knit Your Own Royal Wedding


  1. KNIT your own Royal Wedding? KNIT YOUR OWN?? Holy shit. AMAZING. I really must live in the UK, dahling.


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