Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taylor & Ryann in Paris

Some of my favorite photos of all my 400+ Paris photos are these great ones of Taylor and me on the first day we were there. It was a perfect day. I had on my treasure hunted skirt, (thanks, Dena!) we were on a boat, all our meals were perfect. And as we sat in the park in the shadows of the Eiffel, eating a Raspberry-Pistachio pastry, I said, "When I die, and I look back on my life, I will remember this moment as one where I was truly happy." 

My best pal Tay and I are off on another adventure today as well. This time, a return to the beautiful Isle of Skye. I'm so excited to have practically all of my Scotland friends in the same room! Yay for Iona, Sophie, and Zaza! We're going to a reels party, which makes me a little nervous. Let's hope I don't trip over my feet. At least I'll have the pure schadenfreude glee of seeing Taylor in a (MacGregor!?) kilt. Delightful. 


  1. Castles....single malt...and a great looking hiney in a kilt...can't get much better than that :D

  2. April in Paris, there is no better time!!


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