Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Versailles Rainbows

Versailles wasn't even a little bit on my short list of things to do while I was in Paris for such a short, first-time trip. But that's the beauty of traveling light and throwing new people into the mix. So instead of going to the Rodin museum, Cameron from Texas convinced me to go. 

I'm really glad I did. You can add it to my list of credentials in the Sofia Coppola appreciation society. The interior of the palace was beautiful and a much needed chance to  get out of the sun. Something about the way Versailles sits in the gardens-- it feels very exposed. There's not much shade or cover.

And actually, I think the orange juice I had made from oranges grown on the estate was worth the price of admission. But on top of all that, there was this (cheesy, yet fantastic) musical fountain show. The spray was so cooling and I thought (as I've thought many times before) if only ALL my activities could be underscored with a symphony on palace grounds!! And then! The best part! RAINBOWS. Everywhere. There were rainbows all over the place. It was magical. Exactly why I love castles

And as for the Rodin, I'm heading back to Paris in less than two weeks! So maybe good old Rob Shafer and I will check it out then!

Can you see me in the mirror?

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