Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sleep & Poetry

I have very few beefs with my life. It's pretty perfect. The only thing that sometimes impedes my ability to enjoy it is how frequently I'm unable to sleep. So much of my writing life is about sleep and not sleep. The difference between working insomnia and restless insomnia. Feeling alert or feeling dull based on how rested I feel. 

Since I got back from France, I've found it hard to really feel like I got a good night's sleep. It may or may not be because of my single bed. Either way, I'm definitely a bed connoisseur. I spend a lot of time thinking about beds. I'm always checking out bedding. And even though my bed might be a joke, my bedding is NO JOKE, sleeping on love letters (See below). 

Last night, man, I really slept. It was great. Even in my little ol' bed. So I thought I'd go through my big folder of design and pull out all the beautiful beds to give thanks for that dreamy, fluffy place where creativity goes to hibernate and rejuvenate. 

I need all the rest I can get. This Spring is insane. Don't forget! VOTE! St Andrews is THIS Saturday and Sunday! Tix are going fast, so make sure you get yours now! 

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