Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Women in Love

I gotta say... I wish any channel in the United States made a fraction of the lit-to-screen adaptations as the BBC. Because, when I'm really busy, (which is kind of always) I'll only allow myself TV watching privileges if I can justify its literary or historical merit. 

Recently, I had a late-night viewing of the BBC adaptation of DH Lawrence's Women in Love. It really wasn't just Women in Love-- it sort of rolled the experiences of the Brangwen family from that novel, as well as The Rainbow into one really gorgeous, but ultimately unfulfilling event for me. 

In fact, watching it, I found myself grasping to remember what I ever liked about DH Lawrence. Nevertheless, I'm still pretty sure I do enjoy some DH. And I'd just love to study him and Ford Madox Ford & Aldous Huxley for my research project on literary friendships. I wonder what kind of crazy stories that might turn up.

And I'm glad i watched it for the lovely, lovely Rosamund Pike (I have a girl crush on her!) in period costumes and sun-soaked in Africa. It's making me long for June, when I'll be making my own sunny journeys. 

If you care to watch the misguided love affairs of Ursula & Gudrun, you can do so here.

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