Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Link Round Up

You know how the slow decay of iconic buildings just gets me right in the heart... The LA Times covers the demolition of Long Island's 'Gatsby House.' Said to be an inspiration to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Click here for further reading. And here are some more links from this week.

1. A novelist on the TIME 100 most influential list?? And a female one at that?! (Maybe I shouldn't be too excited-- also on that list are Blake Lively, Justin Bieber, & Michelle Bachman.)

2.The best part about having a widely acknowledged love of something, is that it sort of sucks other people into it. Everyone always knew what to buy me for holidays growing up (Gone with the Wind stuff-- duh. They still do!) and people are always sending nice little things my way. So people are always sending me David Foster Wallace articles. And with The Pale King out now, there's PLENTY of it. But I like this one about why DFW inspires such devotion in his fans.

3. A lovely little write up of Steven and how VOTE! is coming to Houston! Hurrah! (Speaking of which, don't forget your tix to VOTE! in St Andrews. I hear Saturday is sold out maybe?)

4. Thanks to NYMag's Approval Matrix for acknowledging that Gone with the Wind fans are called "Windies." Duh.

5. Is anyone watching The Borgias? I was excited about this before I left the states. You know... with the costume dramas and all... All those tails of Vatican corruption! But the trailer looks a little much. And I see they've got Joanne Whalley Kilmer (or did she drop the Kilmer?) overacting her way through this. She sure knows how to camp up a strong female lead. (Yes, since you asked, I AM still bitter she ruined Scarlett O'Hara in the TV Adaptation of Scarlett. But but but, Ryann, you say.... that was 1994. You were 12. To which I say, Yes. The first cut is the deepest. Nobody messes with Scarlett.)

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