Saturday, April 9, 2011

Marcus Goldhaber & Glen Grant

Remember how I was talking about the awesome Glen Grant distillery tour Aly & I were going to go on? Well, here's how that came about. One of my favorite performers in NYC, Marcus Goldhaber is being sponsored by Glen Grant for an upcoming concert. Marcus is a doll-- and truly a throwback to the great days when the standards ruled the charts. 

We get along since there's basically no standard or show tune I don't know. I also enjoy that he takes requests. Which I always do. 

So if you're in NYC this Monday, April 11th, you should definitely hit this up. It's free! He'll be joined by The Jon Davis Trio for two sets at Opia—a restaurant & lounge in the mezzanine of the Renaissance Hotel.  Presented by GlenGrant Scotch! The evening will feature live jazz including both standards and original music, as well as complimentary scotch tastings throughout the evening.  

Back to Paris!

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  1. Thanks for posting lovey! Hope Paris is magnifique!


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