Friday, December 28, 2012

Melrose Place Flashback Friday Links

While visiting these past few days, my dad asked which part of Melrose Avenue the old 90s soap classic, 'Melrose Place' was supposed to be. I didn't know. I guessed somewhere more in West Hollywood than where I am. Once I we got home from our excursions, I did some digging. And while Melrose Place is obviously somewhere in Hollywood, the Greenwood, where they filmed the complex is in Los Feliz. The rest was filmed in studios

I loved this show so much when it first came out. Probably because I really felt like I was getting away with something by watching it. I mean, it was even more scandalous than Beverly Hills 90210, which I still have no idea how I convinced my mom to let me watch at age 9. I wanted to friends with all my cool neighbors. And wished I could ever pull off Josie Bissett as Jane's adorable pixie cut. Thinking about the show gave me a little urge to rewatch some old Melrose Place courtesy of Netflix. 

What a gas I actually laughed out loud several times during the pilot at how awful it is. I mean, just watch the original intro. To their credit, they changed it immediately after the pilot to the much catchier theme song and graphic look they'd keep for the rest of the show's run. But... man. 

Anyhow, there's your trip down memory lane to kick off your weekend. 
Here are the rest of your links. 

- I've been exploring Melrose from my house west lately. Blu Jam is my favorite breakfast place EVER. Crunchy french toast for every meal, please!

- 6 Places You'll Recognize from the background of every movie ever 
- My favorite eye candy blog these days
- Rejecting Oxbridge
- I came thiiiiiis close to adopting Hazelnut here. But she was gone. :(
- Advice to young writers from Jeffrey Eugenides
- I still like MY review of Les Miserables, but this is my second favorite

Stay tuned! The next three days are my Best of 2012 lists-- albums, books, movies. 

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