Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good Idea Files:

Obviously resources for actors and producers (especially the ones who are trying to make their way in the world) are near and dear to my heart. That's why I'm super excited to be working with 

Essentially, it pairs creators of video content (Ad agencies, PR firms, filmmakers, producers, web designers, or brands themselves) with willing "everyday actors".   

It's a great free tool for the agency that allows them to search the database and find exactly who they need (based on union affiliation, location, gender, age, ethnicity, special features and style like "geek chic") and negotiate the gig direct.  The site doesn't take any kind of back-end % or charge a fee, making it really attractive to the agency-side to use this service often.  

For the ACTOR, this is a low-effort way to get fun gigs and make extra cash $$$ on the side, and potentially build-up a reel or make industry contacts.  Actors just have to create a profile, upload some photos or video, and wait to be matched up and contacted! 

For example... Say there's a local L.A. business looking to a shoot a "How it works" video for their new shopping website, and they dont have big budget, but they do have $500 cash for the first sassy young fashionable blonde they can find to play the part. So they enter their search criteria into the site and you come up in the results.  You're on the site because you're new to the city, freelancing, and into making a few extra bucks in your pocket where you can.  Successful match is made.  We're not necessarily talking about actors with hollywood aspirations, but just cool camera-friendly people who are down to take random gigs. 

There is usually a $20 annual subscription fee on the actor side ($1.66/month-- still pretty low cost, when you think about it), designed to ensure the seriousness/willingness and quality of the actors who participate. 

Isn't that a great idea? And they are set up to run in ALL my favorite actor cities and past/present homes: NYC, LA, LONDON! Actor friends-- even ones who are way past this level-- I'm super curious to hear your thoughts. Please let me know if you join too! This is a site I plan on following the trajectory of. 

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