Friday, December 14, 2012

It's My Party! Friday Links

Tonight, I'm having a holiday-slash-housewarming party! Angelinos, come on down and celebrate with me. I don't have a tree... just a holiday rosemary topiary, but that's all I feel emotionally capable of pulling off this year and it's festive enough. I'm so looking forward introducing my friends from all the different genres of my  life. My favorite part of the holidays is holiday parties, so let the festivities commence. 

While you eagerly await the start of said fete, here are your Friday links. 

- Hilary!
- More Hilary! This is fascinating.
- The D.Patz is still amazing.
- Artists you should have known in 2012.
- Read. This. 
- Breaking Abbey!
- Frank Ocean, please sing every song. Especially this one.
- Pentatonix + NSync's Greatest Hits
- This. Twitter. Seinfeld Lovers. If the show were on today.
- I have always wanted someone to cast Pippin this way with a female Ben Vereen. Boom.
- I wholeheartedly agree that almost all of these things must end in 2013.
- Amelia Earhart's prenup. Fascinating. The comments are better than the article.
- 12/12/12 One hundred years ago.
- One of my favorite articles each and every year. I <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp" nyc.="nyc.">
- This one might be the best one though. Oh, how I love Stefon. 
- A harsh, but interesting look at Broadway's Fall Season. I'm no fan of NY Daily News, but...
- I agree with all of Matthew Zoller Seitz's picks. It's no coincidence so many of these best drama episodes are from Mad Men.
- Is it any surprise Mitch McConnell is the least popular senator? Fillibustering himself? Walking farce.

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  1. I so wish I could be there tonight, lovey. I'm working on finding a new job that allows me to have a life. Have a fan-dabby-dozy time!


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