Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Ah! Christmas is in a week and I haven't shopped for anyone! Just kidding. I don't really do Christmas in that sense and I already bought a few little things for the people I do exchange gifts with. My last Christmas in NYC, in fact, I spent it by myself (like I'll do again this year) in my one bedroom in Astoria. I watched the neighborhood lights blink and read in bed a book I had bought myself as a present. I ordered Chinese food. It was a perfect hybrid of a loner writer and a New York Jewish Christmas. Not that I'm necessarily either of those things. What it really was, for me, was a luxurious Christmas where I answered to no one and spent some time in reflection.

But in the even that you're panicing, here's a place to start.  I think these are safe. I know I'd be happy to find any one of these under the wrapping paper.

- Heart of Gold
- Portable Turn Tables
- Zodiac Calendar cuff
- These City Quilts are the awesomest.
- California Cutting Board... or any of them really.
- Dinner Party in a Box
- How to Find Flower Fairies
- Vintage Book Clocks (We saw some at Melrose Flea)
- Wee Heart Ring in rose gold
- 40% off all sale items today through Thursday at BHLDN
- Anything you order today from Hemingway + Pickett will arrive by Christmas Eve!
(Personally, I'm a big fan of this one.)
(Also, this.)
(Okay, fine, and these.)

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