Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Don't Remember-- Were We Wild and Young?

Here's how adding a song to a movie (This is 40) completely changed what I thought about that song. 

When Ryan Adams's album Ashes & Fire came out last year, it took its place immediately on the shelf with all the other Ryan Adams-- near the end. And it never got all that much deliberate rotation. He's prolific and though he puts out a lot, most of it is wonderful background texture, but not much more. 

Then I heard "Lucky Now" isolated acoustically on the radio and began to notice the lyrics. 

Then the song was performed live in a key final scene of This Is 40. I can't say that seeing the song in the film changed my opinion of it-- (though the presence of Paul Rudd does cast a magical glow on everything near him) -- no, it was the addition of a simple steel guitar (and played by a lady steel guitarist, no less.) The song is a country song. It lives and breathes there and it is miraculous. 

It does not exist on the internet in video form. So instead, I provide for you there merely meh studio version and a link to the This Is 40 soundtrack-- which I recommend in its entirety, actually-- and where you can get said live version, which I have been listening to on repeat for a week. It's just so damn applicable. 

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