Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inverary Update: The Nexus of my loves

Update: You guys, I apologize. That post this morning was crap. In my defense, it was six AM and I don't normally do that time of day. To make it up to you, I'm going to tell you some badass shit I learned and musical theatre dork things that happened to me today at Inverary. 

First, I want to tell you that the Scottish mass transit system gets a big fail on getting to Inverary. Even in attempting to book everything in advance, they kinda dropped the ball. And forty quid each seems a bit steep. Good news is, after the train to Glasgow and the two hour bus past beautiful Loch Lomond, etc etc, we arrived at some seriously quaint seaside townage action. 

Then there was the castle. Which, truthfully, was just the jam. It's like the perfect sized castle (She says). I think it might even be my fave, just on looks. The weather could NOT have been better and even though we woke up at the butt crack of dawn, Aly and I were gleefully skipping up the drive. 

Once inside, everyone was THE NICEST. One dude kind of became "our guy." He told us all the inside stuff about the Duke, Torquhil, (the youngest in all of Europe. Shares an unusual name [spelled unusually] with frequent Fergie & Fife partner in crime. Used to date Julianne Moore. Apparently she was desperate to be a Duchess. That's the word he used. I have a hard time picturing J. Moore desperate for anything, but, ya know.... when in Rome....) and his wife, Eleanor (heiress to some Cadbury millions) as well as all the infamous past Dukes of Argyll (which were gay, married to royalty, gay & married to royalty, recluses, and married to prostitutes).

THEN! Then. Prepare, those who love musical theatre. I sat. At the piano. Where Lerner & Lowe composed a good bit of "My Fair Lady" when they were guests of the Duke. 


Jen Tepper, I'm thinking of you. 

So all in all, we OWNED Inverary. It was the best. And I was with the best companion. On the best day.  Just wanted to share some of the joy with you fine people. Tomorrow, onward to Dublin. 

Aly at her Clan Seat

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