Sunday, June 26, 2011

My first trip to my Mecca in Edinburgh

On the rainy Saturday that was, Zaza and I set out to do some errands and I finally got to enter the long-awaited, newly-opened Anthropologie on George Street. I was, of course, delighted by what I found there.  It was a great comfort to have that old familiar cinnamon-y vanilla scent wash over me as I entered. Ahhhh... home. Exactly the way I remembered it.

But not. Because they've made some really nice efforts to bring in a local feel to the place-- from the Dundee marmalade pots they're using to store reading glasses and peonies to the local artisans making stunning and odd china ware. 

I was especially pleased to see an exhibition of Scottish photographer (and favorite of mine. I've posted about him and this photog project specifically several times) David Eustace. This father/daughter road trip collection is just really special. 

Speaking of Eustace, he's done another collection for The Anthropologist on the Highlands. Anthropologie in Scotland. I am in heaven. I was as soothed as I could be during this slightly homesick time for me. 

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  1. Isn't Zaza the one that makes the cute teacup rings? Hmmmm could be an Anthro opportunity!


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