Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vote! Call Backs are Today??

Man, time moves so fast! I can't believe as of today, thousands of miles away, in Houston, we'll be selecting a brand new group of baby birdies for the VOTE! family. Every time we do this show, I wonder how I'm going to make room in my heart for all the fabulosity of a new group. But I always do.  Because they're always awesome. 

I woke up this morning ready to drink my coffee and listen to the concept album before banging out some edits and updates. This is the last week before I give them the final script! It never gets old-- knowing that the better you make a joke, the closer you are to a true moment, the funnier it will be, the clearer it will be to the real people who have graciously given you their time. 

In case you weren't sure, guys, I love being a writer more than anything in the world. Thanks for letting me be one. 

Hope you're having a great Sunday. (PS- isn't this paper planes passport cover amazing??? For someone who flies as much as I do, and writes songs called "Paper Planes," I may need this.)

For more information on the VOTE! TUTS production, please check out

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