Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Day in Lisbon- Part 3- Views from Sintra

View from Seteais
Palacio da Regaleira 

Interior details abound- Amazing tile mosaic floors 

To think, at one point I had chalked the trip up for lost, but instead, we even got to go to Sintra. There are so many things to see there, we easily could have made a whole weekend out of it (and I recommend it, if you have the time) but even for just a few hours, we saw a lot. Even if we opted just for the exteriors of most places. 

I was really hitting up the UNESCO World Heritage sites, let me tell you. And the one castle we did take the full tour of was Quinta da Regaleira. Built by an Italian architect for a Portuguese/Brazilian millionaire, you can see the Manueline influences. Known for its gardens and mystic tunnels, it was Miguel's suggestion for "if you only see one palace." So that's what we did. I especially dug the interior details and outside, the Fountain of Abundance. You know how much I dig abundance. 

We also took in views from Englishman-built Monserrate and Seteais, the palace Miguel's dad said he would buy if he could. I can see why. Stately, neoclassical, and with one of the most amazing terrace views I've ever ever seen.

We even did some drive-bys of Queluz and Pena. (No joke.) Basically, for a castle-lover like me, my brain was short-circuiting. Sintra is like castle cat-nip. I was cracked out. It was amaaaaazing. 

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