Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Day in Lisbon- Part 2- Jeronimos Monastery of Belém

Stop number 3 on the tour de force of Lisbon was this gorgeous place. For a girl raised Buddhist, I've always had kind of a thing for churches or any kind of place of worship. I think YTI really sealed the deal on that one. For someone with an often chaotic mind, they do seem to be more peaceful than most other places. 

It was pretty crowded, but Miguel's dad was still able to give us a pretty great history lesson about the people who make Jeronimos their final resting place, including two very famous Portuguese poets I need to become more familiar with-- can anyone recommend some quality English translations of Pessoa or Camões? You know a sad thing about Camões? Huge sections of his work were lost in his lifetime. Something about modern scholars knowing they existed, but don't exist anymore... very mono no aware. 

In addition to those fine gents, there are also various monarchs and their families-- one named Manuel "The Fortunate." Which I think is a very bitchin' royal moniker. I think I'd like to name myself "Ryann the Fortunate." That's how I feel. 

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  1. Did you catch the incredible Padrão dos Descobrimentos right nearby? That was the best thing I saw in Portugal.


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