Sunday, June 12, 2011

I smell a Tony

Today is my first Tony Day away from New York since I moved there. Staving off my intense, heart-wrenching homesickness is Alyson Campbell & we had a great dinner party last night. 

Instead, we'll be heading up north to the Glen Grant Distillery, then Bamff, then the beautiful St Andrews. 

As for you fair readers, I imagine many of you probably remember this little sketch. It just has a special awesomeness for me. It's one of my favorite things to ever have happen while I was working on the B'way. It still makes me laugh my ass off. The amazing Cubby Bernstein, Tony Campaign Manager.

The inside jokes! The faux seriousness! The celeb cameos!! Every. Single. Episode. 

Just...just watch Duncan's face. Priceless. "The Pre-mi-ere Tony Campaign Manager." 

Talkin about the Tonys! The Big T. Tony Tony Tony Tony. "I am more serious than a Shubert Stop Clause!" "You wanna work again? You thank the Shuberts." "We proudly audition for roles we created in the workshop the year before!" "So you're producers huh? I have unreturned phone calls older than you! You're children. Where are my jews? My gays?.... So you ARE producers...." "I wish you the Cort Theatre in February!!" God, I do sometimes miss the theatre so very much. Especially on days like today. Happy Tony Day everyone. 

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