Friday, June 17, 2011

Floating above Madrid

I'm writing to you this fine Spanish morning from the place that makes all life worth living: my terrace. My sun-filled, flower-covered terrace. It's not too hot and I'm sipping some coffee while the birds chirp away high above the already bustling streets. I could get used to a pent house in Madrid. 

Yesterday once we arrived, we took a few minutes to just enjoy the place before heading out to explore. We walked through Plaza Sol and Plaza Mayor and all around our building. I think I'm officially in love with Madrid. I like the odd angles and the way buildings don't sit straight on their lots. I like that there's balconies on almost every building I've seen. Somehow it feels like someone took a paint brush to Paris-- aesthetically speaking, that is. 

Anyhow, off to the Prado and who knows what else today. Hope wherever you are, you can take 5 minutes on a terrace and soak up the day. 

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