Monday, June 27, 2011

One day in Lisbon- Part 1- Belém Tower & Pasteis de Belém

I'm going to take you through everything I did in one day, namely, Wednesday June 22 2011. It's just proof of how much you can actually see if you're lucky, and have the right people around you. Even if you have to take two fairly extensive stops at the US Embassy, I want you to know the possibilities, if you're open to them. 
Stop 1: Embassy. (I'm going to have a whole post on that, so, just hold.)
Stop 2:

The first in much much Manueline architecture we were about to see, it really does look like a floating tower in high tide. Sadly, the tide was mostly out when we visited, and at that point, I couldn't even believe I was doing anything in Lisbon outside the embassy. 

Stop 3: We had seen and been tempted by Portuguese pastries up until that point, but we finally caved at Pasteis de Belem. You know, religion is funny. Look at all the things people have built in the name of God and then torn down... When convents and monasteries were shut down after the revolution of 1820, they essentially just moved next door to the Jerónimos Monastery and started baking! (Obviously with excellent results.)

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