Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Bless the BBC for all this Dickens they've been heaping at us lately. At Christmas, we had Great Expectations, and now Dickens' great unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, has ben adapted with the excellent Matthew Rhys.

The Broadway geek in me had a hard time not thinking of the 1986 Rupert Holmes musical with multiple endings that the audience voted on. (People have been citing it as something we should do to the end of VOTE! for years. I'm not taking the bait.) Something had to be done though, since Dickens only got about half way through the book before he died. 

They've decided for us in this adaptation. I'll be tuned in to part 2 tonight to see. So far, it's a tad over the top, but in that fun Dickens way. I look at Tamzin Merchant and just think "Tudors" and I look at Freddie Fox and can't help but see his lovely sister, Amelia Fox. It's trippy.

Seems Dickens is in the air lately. Not only has the BBC really delved into the works of, but my advisor is taking a look with his lecture "What would Dickens Write Today?" at a conference in Germany next week. I hope he'll let me read his paper!

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