Friday, January 20, 2012

Songwriting as Survival Links

It's weeks like this that make me thank my lucky stars I'm a songwriter. What do people who aren't songwriters do when they need to channel a lot of energy into something? I mean, there are things... I get it. Either way, I've been doing a lot of singing my lungs out and songwriting lately. (Apologies for volume, neighbors.) Ugh, let's not fixate. "Just take me to the links," you say. 

- Ask anyone, I've been saying "LONG GAME" about Obama for ages. Nice to see The Daily Beast agree
- Um, wow, Congress says it can re-copyright public domain works...??... Sure, okay.
- Harking back to Franzen's Harper's Bazaar essay, "Why Bother," the NYTimes weighs in on the same issue
- Well, we brought him up. My abusive boyfriend. Franzen. Might as well keep going. Thanks for that, McC. 
- This is the only "Shit anyone says" video I can deal with. Because of the NYC. And the Pat Kiernan. And the "Move, MOVE!" So, so so so true. "You read the Post? Not ironically?" "I love it here. I hate it here."
- Bon Iver and The Chieftans
- My friend wrote this about getting a doctorate.
- Some of these are kind of boring, but The Independent tells us 101 things the Scots gave us

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