Friday, January 13, 2012

London Today Links

What a week. I feel like so much has happened, even though as per usual, it all happened from Command Center Alpha at my desk. This weekend is about starting to put some of those ideas into place. I'll be enjoying the few degrees warmer of London. In case you're stuck inside with bad weather, here's your weekend links. 

- Novelist Beatrice Colin offers this advice to writers.
- These cool photo filters. Seems like I just can't get enough.
- Dear Photograph is so cool!
- David Eustace's Highlands & Hebrides photos are not to be missed
- Turning Siberia into art
- Check out this British goods company, Cabbages & Roses. Want. to. shop. here. 
- Challenging my life-long comfort with regards to risk taking, turns out you actually can die of a broken heart. Ouch.

- And finally, I don't agree with everything This Recording says about my dear, dear You've Got Mail, but I'm just always happy when someone, anyone, wants to talk about it. 

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