Friday, January 6, 2012

First Friday of 2012 Links

Since I've basically been away from my computer for the last week, it was tough to assemble a full roster of Friday links for you guys. Not to mention, 2012 has also already been a full-on addressing of problems and miscommunications gauntlet. Boom. Elvis would be proud and so would my hypothetical therapist because business is being taken care of on all fronts. Nevertheless, here is what's going on around the interwebs. (Mostly on NYMag....okay.)

- Awesome Portlandia Season 2 interview
- Dave Eggers puts short story on shower curtain
- The ghost signs of New York
- Fun Jennifer Saunders interview
- Figment, a cool website for young fiction writers (more on this later)
- The interns at NPR love Milo Greene
- The amazing Andy Greenwald on HBO's comedy problem

- Finally, I was really excited about SMASH, the new show about the making of a Broadway musical. It's hired a lot of my pals and hopefully will raise the profile of what I do for a living. Sad was I to learn that Debra Messing, playing the lyricist (ugh) has joined the cheating ranks of her co-star Christian Borle, and has been sleeping with my friend's husband. (Read Comment 7.) Don't get me wrong, I think he's filthy, too. Stop it with the cheating, people. STOP. IT!

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