Sunday, January 22, 2012

Never Throw Out Anyone

Audrey Hepburn was a little bit of a yogi, wasn't she? She had quite a few apt sayings up her sleeve... from "Paris is always a good idea," to "I didn't know how to do anything I've done before I did it." And this especially good one. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!


  1. Wonderful! Stealing the quote for my fan page. :)

    By the How do you like Blogger? I use Wordpress, but have never really liked it. Thinking about making the switch...

    1. Steal Away, Christa! Great quotes are for sharing.

      As for blogger, I would say I'm satisfied. It has its faults, but with a little html knowledge yourself, you can get around things. I've occasionally been tempted by other platforms, but every time I look into it further, I end up abandoning. I like the level of customization I already know how to do on blogger and like that everything is linked through my google account. Ya know? Hope all is well and please let me know if you switch so I know where to find you! xo


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