Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cannon Lewis - So Pretty

Winter doldrums make me want to buy things. When the view is bleak and ugly outside, I just want to decorate everything around me. Last year, I did my Top 25 favorite things of winter. I'm not sure I've been allowed off my money leash long enough this year to partake in enough for a Top 25 list. Maybe I can pull something together by mid February. 

Anyhow, one thing that will definitely be on there is Cannon Lewis jewelry. I've been on an accessories kick lately. I think it started with my amazing Christmas watch gift and grew from there. In any case, I love her stones peaking out from delicate gold leaves. I love her sense of details and especially context. Like that necklace which is serving as a bookmark in the middle of Mansfield Park. (Yes, I can play nerd games like that.)

Check her out. I love supporting Texans. 

All photos from the artist's website. 

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