Monday, January 2, 2012

A Pyromaniacal Hogmanay

We spent Hogmanay at the lovely Moorcock Hall outside Edinburgh. It was fun because we hiked up a ways (scary in the dark! I slipped and fell on my keister on a mossy boulder.) and watched as all of Edinburgh and Fife's fireworks streaked across the entire horizon line. In every direction we looked, the sky was full of silent but colorful bursts. We passed around the champagne and tried to find each other in the dark for New Years hugs and kisses.

There was even more fire to had that night though. We also dined on a flaming Christmas Pudding (my first. There was also venison with bacon and juniper berries. That was my last game meat to try. It made me think of the Welshley Arms sketch with Virg & Rog Clarvin in the HoTUB with Barbara HernanDEZ and an ever-character-breaking Jimmy Fallon. [Video! Suck it, firewall!] "This is normally the time in the soak when me and my lovvvva crave spiced meats." Anyhow.)

In addition to a flaming Christmas pudding we may or may not have sort of set our ginger bread house on fire while lighting it from within with tea lights. We may have also almost set Moorcock Hall on fire with a haywire New Years wishes lantern that kept clinging to the roof. Oops!

Either way, we all survived and today I'm off to a reels ball in Perthshire. Let's hope I don't have one of my minor anxiety attacks about the dance steps. 

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