Monday, January 30, 2012

The Top Ten Reasons Why I'm Moving to London

After much consideration, imagining, and wide-net-casting, I can officially announce to you all that as of March 1, I'll be a resident of London. You may have seen this coming... I've been spending a lot of time there and lamenting the lack of theatre in my life. While there's no chance this blog will start looking something more like Fergie & Finsbury Park (After all, I'll still be a student at St Andrews) there will probably be more London-y stuff. In fact, there will probably be more first-hand cultural stuff a la when I lived in NYC. Just one of the many reasons for my decision. Which I present to you now in no particular order:

10. Events. Just random old events, gigs, openings, showings, etc. The kind of low-maintenance but high-fun weeknight and free-ish activities that formed the basis of my social life in the early days of NYC thanks to Aly. I want more of that.

9. The possibilities. Because everything is moving all the time, it has the kinetic quality that something might happen all the time. Any time. Around every corner and waiting there for you on the other side of each decision you make. I want to wake up every morning excited that something might happen to me today. 

8. I'm rested enough. Obviously, when I moved to Scotland, one of the goals was to recuperate my burnt-out soul. When I visited Sophie in London this time last year even, London kind of gave me an anxiety attack. I wasn't ready for the city again. But I've had a year and half of good sleep and productivity and practically no one talking shit on the internet. 

7. Sunshine. I used to sort of chuckle at Brits who said the weather was SO much better down South. As if two degrees really made a difference. I told them that was cute, but for GOOD weather, they were going to need to go to San Diego. That's where they have the nice weather. But turns out, there's jusssst enough more sunshine to make me want to live life...instead of snuggle under all my covers in five cardigans. I'm looking forward to regaining feeling in my toes. Also, I hear they have Summer there. 

6. Anonymity! I've never been a very private person, but I'm used to a group of people who are pretty much too busy and only get to see you every two or three weeks to be up in your business. Everybody's moving, so no one is looking at you. You have no painful neighbors and the city is diverse enough for people not to copy you. 

5. Max me out! I actually function better on all 8 cylinders. I think a lot of people do. When there's no time to waste, you don't waste time. And free time is easier to save when you don't have much of it. Bring on full-time employment AND a full-time PhD. No seriously, BRING IT.

4. A fully rounded life. While my Scotland friends are some of the best friends I've ever ever had, I feel like they were a gift from the Abby Ruffridge facebook gods. They all came from a particular chapter in my life. In London, I have friends from all different chapters in my life: high school, college, NYC. I'm happy to get to spend time with them. And make new friends too. Duh. 

3. Easy. It's actually just as easy to do a phd from London as Edinburgh. If you're away, you're away. One place is as good as any. I've been writing around a job all my adult life. Not to mention, flying to the US out of London is easier. 

2. City Love. While I am actually finding more and more things about London that do remind me of New York, the thing that has allowed me to truly think about living there was coming to love London as its own city and not an NYC substitute. Nothing can ever be NYC. Not for what it is to itself, to the world, or its crown-jewel status in my life. But London can be London in its own right. A place I arrived at as an adult and not a wide-eyed kid. And let's just say I'm really looking forward to it. 

1. The Theatre calls me. You know it and I know it. There was no way I was going to be able to separate myself from the theatre for five years. It was never going to be possible. Putting up shows is in my blood. I'd consider film and television too. But I will never be able to leave the theatre. I want to be in a rehearsal room so bad, I'm willing to pack up my life for the third time in two years. I want to do things and make things that make people feel. That make me feel. There are songs that I've never, ever been able to listen to without crying. I want to make some of those. I want to hear more of those. I want to have partners in crime. I want to get out of my own head and be a part of something bigger than myself, the way theatre always seems to make you feel. So stop the train, I want to get back on. Come see me in London, you guys!


  1. Bye fergie don't forget fife and don't let the big smoke fog your beautiful blogging skills.

  2. Will it be fergieinlondn blogspot? Keep writing!

  3. @Sophie- thanks so much! I'll still be a Fifer...just less often. I will still definitely be blogging about Scotland, Fife and being a student at St Andrews.
    @Ewart- everything will basically be the same, except that I'll be writing from London. No title changes or anything like that :) Thanks, as always, for reading!

  4. Ugh. I am so, so jealous. Do you know how hard I tried to move there? They don't make things easy on an American, as you know. I tried every which way, and finally had to give up and settle for LA. (I really don't like LA as a city. Or SoCal, in general.) NYC would've been my next choice, as it's my 2nd favourite city!, but since I'm concentrating more on film/TV these days, LA's the obvious answer.

    "I have sailed the world, beheld its wonders from the Dardanelles to the mountains of Peru. But there's no place like London!"



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