Monday, January 9, 2012

Dangerous Women?

Because it's not living unless you're over-committed, I've decided that now (well,  I started over Christmas) is the time to start the dating book I've been formulating for years. Those who know me know about this book of anecdotes and completely unscientific theories. 

Recently, a wise, staunch member of Britain's old-guard said at a lunch that women never told anecdotes. I held my tongue for the moment and kept my anecdotes for the book. 

The title, which I unfortunately cannot reveal in any public format, like most of the chapter headings, is designed to be a bit inflammatory. Nevertheless, even the men I've spoken to about these eye-brow-raising quips admit that they sound true. Even if they aren't backed by any modern sociological method other than my own observations. 

I don't think there's anything real to gain from any dating book, scientific or otherwise, save for the camaraderie and amusement. I think entertainment is measure of success with this. Being true is a secondary or irrelevant standard to feeling true

So anyhow, I've been checking up on other humor books that might inspire me or provide any formatting insights. A friend sent me an article that mentioned this book, Dangerous Women. The reviews seem to be all over the place, and I'm often reticent of books that sound like some other city's version of Sex and The. But I've decided to check it out anyhow. I've been feeling very wanderlusty lately anyhow, so I don't mind trying on some ideas of new lives for size. 

I couldn't decide what to post today because I feel like there's nothing I can talk about today that didn't leave me feeling like I was being really coy with you all. So, sorry. But basically, you can expect a couple of big announcements about a couple of facets of my life really soon. Happy Monday. 

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