Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drinking on Friedrich Engels' Stoop - Primrose Hill

With all this unadulterated beautiful weather, I've found it impossible not to spend huge portions of every day outside, exploring all the places that are only fun in beautiful weather. It's really been amazing. I sleep with my windows open. I wake up to the sound of birds chirping. And the air fools me for a minute in my dream-state into thinking I've woken up somewhere in Los Angeles County... the air morning fresh with the scent of flowers and just a little bit of smog. 

Nothing like a beautiful day to make you want to day-drink with friends. I've hit up Hyde Park, Highbury Fields & Primrose Hill all in the last few days. Here is my little Friday afternoon spent with fellow academics and pseudo-Americans. We walked through Camden and over the bridge to Primrose Hill. We hung out in a pub on the steps of Friedrich Engels old house and ate organic licorice and drank tall boys and talked about boys. And, you know, ideas and stuff. We're phd students. We have range. 

I did not see any primroses. I did not see any celebrities. These being the two things I most expected to see there, for obvious reasons. What I did see was a fantastic skyline view and sunshine that just wouldn't quit. I forget how these Northern European summer days last forever. Already the sun isn't going down until after nine o'clock. 

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