Monday, May 21, 2012

The New Favorites - Agnes Obel

Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel is kind of captivating, right? Why is she looking at me so intently? And who does she remind me of? Someone I can't quite place. Maybe that's part of the whole appeal. A kind of deja vu-- a do I know you from somewhere-ness. 

Maybe it's because she shares a birthday with my mother. I'm always intrigued and a little frightened of Scorpio women. At least at first. There's a lure, but you get the sense you shouldn't get too comfortable. With Agnes Obel though, it's tough not to put on "Philharmonics" and just relax. She even finds a way to further relax Elliot Smith in her cover of his "Between the Bars." You want to trust her. 

Especially when you find out her list on influences goes a little something like this: Roy Orbison, PJ Harvey, Joni Mitchell, Debussy, Ravel, Erik Satie, Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe. There's another famous Dane, who-- if he were living in contemporary times, not to mention, real-- might list that lot as inspirations too. Sounds like a bit of a recipe for Hamlet, no? Anyhoo.

The Scandos have really been taking over my musical consciousness for the past few years-- in totally different ways. But they are rapidly becoming the new classics for me. From Lykke Li, to First Aid Kit, to the once and forever favorite, Robyn. I'm adding Agnes to that list. Thanks, Scandinavia. Keep those hits coming. 

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