Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Saturday at the Victoria and Albert Museum

On Saturday, my pal Helen invited me out for some Kensington fancy lunch and a trip to the ballgown exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Helen is a newer friend, but she was described by at least one close friend as "The Scottish Version" of me, so... pretty promising, right? She said she wasn't sure I'd want to go and I said, "Dude, you had me at Ball gown."

Well, that panned out, and in fact, we spent so long at lunch that by the time we finally showed up at the V&A, the Ballgown exhibit was sold out for the day (it was opening day, after all. Oops.)

Even thwarted, we had a good time wandering around the beautiful gardens (I vowed to come back on a day with better weather to eat outside and actually catch the ballgowns.) I also have a tendency to like art museum gift shops better than the art itself. I know I'm not alone there. And I imagined coming back to the V&A's sprawling shop when I'm rich to deck out my house with their cool stuff. (One such cool print: London Fields: No Underground. Get Over It.  Word up. 

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