Friday, May 11, 2012

Will it Ever Stop Raining? Friday Links

Still raining here in London. You know it's bad when you attempt an escape to Scotland for better weather. Which is exactly what I'm doing this weekend when I head up to St Andrews for my year-end phd meeting. A little coastal sunshine will hopefully be a good replacement for... Rome. Here's the links!

- The 10 Most Insufferable Men of TV. Thanks, Riese. I love the mashed potatoes & dry wall.
- Musical Pat Kiernan
- It's Foster Kamer day! Here's his excellent piece on why Pippa should move to Brooklyn
- This! You gotta love those Keenan-Bolgers
- Obviously I love Paddington. This movie possibility made my day.
- I've got these BA sky miles burning a whole in my pocket. Man, I want to travel.
- The Granta British Issue Came out yesterday. Check out this wild promo video they made for it. 

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