Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Royal Affair

No, not those royals. (Though I'll be talking about the Royal shenanigans this weekend.) What's going on with my Denmark kick these days? First Agnes Obel, and now Denmark is reeeeally wedging their way into my heart with a costume drama tale of forbidden royal romance and crazy kings! Is there anything better than that?!? I think not. 

I saw a billboard for this flick in the tube on my way to Hyde Park this weekend and knew I'd be seeing it as soon as possible (when it comes out June 15th). A Royal Affair is the tale of the mentally ill King Christian VII of Denmark and the poor girl, the British Caroline Mathilde, who married him, dealt with him and died tragically at age twenty-three.

She eventually gave birth to two children who were both recognized as the king's, but... this movie tells a different story. The king is cray-cray and they bring in a physician to deal with him and hopefully reconcile the king and queen. The physician is obviously rugged and capable and hot (at least, in the movie version. In real life, he at least had the virtues of being capable and sane.) Eventually, the physician's enlightenment ideas come into play and when the king's mental health deteriorates beyond hope, he ends up effectively runs the country. The whole thing devolves into chaos and and deposed authority and death at an early age... everything I could ever want!  

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