Friday, May 4, 2012

Gettin' Busy Friday Links

Being busy is so much more fun than relaxing. I'd always rather have too much to do than not enough. Let's get to work! I've got some exciting things coming up-- more info forthcoming-- and I'm off to the country this weekend. Today I was asked which Mad Men character I thought I was... and to the surprise of myself... I answered Megan. For the record, I think my eventual goal is to be Bert Cooper. 

This week, I also successfully mimicked by my favorite meat sauce and Tagliatelle dish from Market. Moments where I expand my culinary repertoire and don't poison myself are always little jewels in my life. So are the moments when you connect with people who get you and who you get in return. Big things coming up! In the meantime, enjoy the best of what the internet had to offer this week:

- Mad Men vs Game of Thrones drink off. Seems close, but guess who wins. 
- Hate-watching Smash. I agree with every word of this. 
- Yes to ideas, but I still think they need prizes. Thanks.
- Awesome guide to instagram filters so you can shoot like your fave director.
- Things Franzen actually likes
- Speaking of which, NOOOOOO... HBO cancelled the The Corrections. So depressed. 
- Downton Delirium in Granta
- Letters of Note. Memorable letters. I found this while reading a snarky Harlan Ellison letter. 
- One of my fave bands, Milo Greene, is finally releasing an actual album this summer. Here's the first single. 

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