Saturday, May 12, 2012

Can You Do the Cannes Cannes?

Cannes is pretty much all I've had on the brain lately. And today, I'm off on a trip! But not to Cannes. Up to Scotland to satisfy that other side of my life-- the academic. I'm meeting with some other professors about the program and boy are they going to get an earful from me. (More on that later.) I've never been to Cannes, but France is sort of calling me back lately. And I have some friends who live around there, so perhaps I'll cash in some of my sky miles soon and make a trip. 

While I travel ever-so-glamorously by bus, I thought you might enjoy these shorts made by the company I've been working for. I've embedded one below and here's another in French, if you're feeling sassy. Hope you have a great Saturday!

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