Sunday, May 20, 2012

Discoveries - A Hoxton Walk

Something about London feels actually infinite. In a way that no other city I've lived in-- not New York, not even Tokyo-- could even approach. Even your neighborhood, even the neighborhoods around you wind and weave in and out with side streets and alley ways and more tucked away than you could ever hope to inventory in any kind of comprehensive way. 

Even a trip to the NHS, two days in row--- they do make you wait-- can prove an adventure in walking and discovering how much is packed in the space between you and the next two overground stops. Dalston Junction to Haggerston to Hoxton. Once home to moated manor houses and the ambassador to Portugal with his own private Catholic Chapel. Once home to London's madhouses. It's easy to look at each repurposed warehouse In Hoxton and imagine a many-storied past.  Urban decay alongside Urban renewal. There's a lot to appreciate. But isn't there always? If you're paying attention? Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. Hope wherever you are, you're paying attention.

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