Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Presence of Grace - Flannery O'Connor

Every now and then something so amazing comes along that it just makes your week. (Month! Year!) There are only two known recordings on Flannery O'Connor's voice. This is one of them. (Here is the other, btw, of her reading from her essay, "Some Aspects of the Grotesque in Southern Fiction.") It's so perfect and complete, I can scaresely believe it's true. For 37 minutes, she reads the entirety of "A Good Man Is Hard To Find." 

Living in the UK, I don't often get to hear the kind of Southern voice I love so much; the kind that scarcely makes it into any dramatic interpretations or impressions of Southern accents, but is what I hear in my mind when I think of my family and my childhood summers in Georgia. I was always very proud that Flannery O'Connor was from Georgia. And proud to be from there myself because that was where she was from. I don't care what anyone else might say while trying to be modern or clever, women writers with Georgia roots are where it's at, people. 

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