Friday, June 1, 2012

Diamond Jubes Weekend Links

Oh my God, it's June. The year is half over and I feel utterly terrified of the idea of  taking stock of my life right now, so instead, I'm doing a bit of impersonation. I'm going to find some carefree joy in going a bit ironically overboard (in an anthropological sense of course) with some fellow academics and hit up the parties. We plan on dressing in Sex Pistols tshirts and tacky hats. They say it's going to rain this weekend, but I'm still hoping for the best. Here's what else went down this week on the internet. 

- For those among us not so hot on the Royals
- Here's a Shoreditch Box Party
- More Jubes stuff to do, and how to book in advance
- Personally, I'm all about the 50's themed garden party at Hampton Court Palace.
- Don't miss all the intense decorations. Here's the best of the city all gussied up.
- Don't forget the MERCH!
- Want to own a piece of Broadway history? Here's the Arthur Laurents Estate auction.
- Roger Mayne photographs post-war London
- I approve. I think. 
- Using David Foster Wallace to introduce a discussion on Kristen Stewart? Smooth move, Grantland.
- More from NPR on the 'American Dream.'
- Another letter from Ted Hughes
- Philip Larkin & the moral of Nicholas & Alexandra's 11 O'Clock Anthem
- A song from the perspective of one person at age 29 and age 31. Funny. Harsh. Kinda true. 
- Sooooo many feelings about Mad Men's ep, "The Other Woman." Sooo many. Here is some interesting commentary on the one where they pimp Joan out. Pete Campbell, you are a weasel. So are you, Roger Sterling. 

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