Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Serious Weekend Sights

We had a brief reprieve from torrential rains on Saturday (I think the sun came out to greet Miss Iona, who was visiting from Skye) and everyone flocked to the parks. Iona, Tom and I started in Green Park where we encountered the most unorthodox bicycle event I've ever witnessed. I went to get some ice coffee and ran into a cavalcade of naked people on bikes. 

Apparently, it's real thing and not just a large group of exhibitionists. World Naked Bike Day started in 2004 as a statement about clean energy and transportation. Either way, it was a lot for my eyes to take in. One I probably could have done without. 

Though, group nudity is interesting. I feel like it's the same principle applied in productions of the fabulous musical, Hair. When everyone is naked, you don't really see anyone in particular. I can buy that, but of the individuals I did see, I gotta say, it still didn't look comfortable. 

Next, we meandered through St James's Park for some beautiful views and left over Jubilee decorations. There were no naked people there. 

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