Friday, June 29, 2012

Nothing Is Sure Friday Links

- Single people need a work-life balance too. I'd like to direct this at a few folks I know
- Why Go Out?
- My sentiments exactly. Snark is boring. Best used sparingly. Instead it's eaten our culture. 
- While I love both Mad Men & Aaron Sorkin's new show for storytelling, I agree with this.
- One of my favorite things is when Jon Stewart does his Obama impersonation
- Advanced Riskology- better living though uncertainty. SIGH.
- Hahah, Canadians. Oh, how I love them. 
- I have this rule about not begrudging kids their dreams. But somehow I doubt the Kardashian/Jenner teens have always dreamed of being novelists....

1 comment:

  1. Just read the first few sentences of "Why Go Out?" Think I *really* need to read that in its entirety. I've been in my cave for a while now.

    But I'm off to work...that lovely hour trek in LA I'll have to read it after work tomorrow. Boooooo.

    But thanks for sharing!


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