Saturday, June 9, 2012

Album of the Summer - Kimbra - Vows

Without a doubt, Kimbra's Vows is headed to take its place as the album of this summer. Swinging from sultry and mellow to bright dance tracks, I've been listening to it on a loop while walking the streets of London since I got here. I'm glad that thanks to the ubiquitous "Somebody That I Used to Know" she's becoming somebody that more people are starting to know. I know I bought her album as soon as I heard that track last fall. 

Even though it stresses me out that she was born in 1990, this New Zealand imported songstress is already the winner of Summer 2012. Right alongside the other winner of Summer 2012, Miss Alyson J. Campbell-- one of the world's great gifts to idea of friendship. Not only am I joyously celebrating her wedding in Nova Scotia this August, but I'm celebrating her Big 3-0 with her (albeit long distance) today! 

I'm sending out my favorite Kimbra jam to you, Miss Aly Cat. Our love is definitely a Two Way Street

If you don't have Vows yet, get on that shit and get your summer started. Have a great Saturday!

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