Monday, June 25, 2012

Champagne Picnic at the Palace

Saturday, I finally got the thing I had been craving since moving to London: a magical night. The kind I couldn't have anywhere else. Don't get me wrong, I've had magical nights in terms of company and conversation, but not where I look at my surroundings and marvel that I could only do this by living here

Erich and I took the train out to Hampton Court early evening, grabbed some British Sausages and beers in chalices and started our little picnic on the green. Then we got upgraded when Landon found us and we moved into Frankie's tent. Bring on picnic baskets, delicious desserts and Moet Chandon on the Thames. We goofed off with the other three seasons and two thirds of the Beard siblings and got a little high on the champagne. There's a reason why champagne is predominantly served at celebratory events. It makes you want to tell everyone how much you love them and give everyone a hug. Which is how I felt pretty much all night.

The concert was amazing. Sunset and pink light reflecting off the Palace Courtyard. Even the rain made it magical, reminding me of that Hair performance in the park when the skies opened up and the look on Allison Case's face. Everyone sounded amazing (seriously one of the best mixed shows I've ever heard) and I'm always proud to see my pal Landon do this thang with the legendary Frankie Valli. I was thankful to share it with Jillian, Chris, and Erich. And thankful that really good friends have a knack for showing up right when you need them. 

All the rocking out made us pretty tired and pretty much everyone started to pass out in the vans on the way back to Central London. I slept really well that night, with smiley thoughts of a night for the record books. 

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