Sunday, June 3, 2012

There is No Silence, I Will Keep Following the Sirens

Today feels like this. My life is being taken over by Danes. Is that a sign of something? This song didn't do it for me when I first heard it over a year ago. I guess it's just one more little way people's tastes and attitudes change. The video still freaks me out a bit, so I've posted a live version in case you're mildy disturbed as well. 

But the song came back on my shuffle one of the gorgeous sunny days a few weeks ago-- it seemed like a sign. Then it was on Girls. Another sign. I was talking last night with the wonderful Carrie about the very nature of signs and challenges. When you're supposed to know this is the time to cowboy up and fight against the obstacles. And when to see something as a sign to change course. We didn't come to any conclusions or anything, but it was nice to have the conversation.

I'm the kind of girl accustomed to taking stairs two and three at a time. There's times when it's harder to do that. I'm looking for any excuse to feel that way-- out in the city or alone in my room. Cutting ties or forming new allegiances or remembering a song-- like this one-- that I'd forgotten about. 

I have a short, but substantial list of music that I'm always saying, "I want all of life to feel the way this song sounds." "Two Weeks" is one of them. So is "White Nights." Maybe it's the bright marimbas. Maybe it's the spacey synth. Maybe it's the snappy drumstick rhythm section. But it makes me want to do something with myself. I want my heart to feel like this song, always. 

And even though it's pouring down rain today, I'm taking it out with me into the city as I make way down Upper Street in the direction of whatever comes next. 

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