Friday, June 15, 2012

Heads Are Overrated - Friday Links

Not sorry to see this week go. It was a bit tedious. Anxiety and bureaucracy-filled. And way way way too much obsessive thinking.  I wouldn't have minded losing my head, actually. At the very least, taking it off and setting it aside for a while. Letting it air out. 

On the up side, this weekend is Father's Day! My favorite holiday. If you've never heard me wax on about my spectacular dad, you don't know me very well. Or at all. More on him Sunday. But for now, here are the things that kept me afloat during the WAY too much time I spent on the internet this week. 

-The hipsters of Game of Thrones. You know I love a good hipster meme
- NPR's 25 favorite albums of the year so far.
- Wait, Justin Timberlake is an interior decorator now?
- I'm sorry, but I should be writing these. Don't even get me started on the errors. 
- Speaking of which, I want. Did I already post this? Well I still want it.
- Would sell a kidney to go to Mykonos right now
- The UK is obsessed with specialists. But some of us are good at everything. Just sayin. 
- I want these
- Boom
- The best news ever: fab friend/phenom talent/Ferg&Jamail collaborator Jeremy Jordan joins SMASH Season 2 as series regular. Someone over there is making excellent choices. 

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