Monday, June 18, 2012

Favorite Neighborhood Local - The Scolt Head

As of Yesterday, I have a new favorite local, The Scolt Head. Named after an island off the North Norfolk coast, this little gem right next to my local Garden Centre did just the trick for curing  cabin fever on a Sunday that could not make up its mind. 

Gloom, sun, gloom, sun: this was all day yesterday-- and seemingly most London Summer days. Luckily, the quirky, ivy-covered triangle patio is perfect for the sun and the interior has just the right amount of refracted London light for some Sunday afternoon laughs over pints. 

I didn't order food, but I watched about 15 varieties of Sunday roast make their way out from the kitchen to various tables and let's just say, I was tempted. 

There's also a predominant book theme to the place. Every shelf is stuffed with vintage Penguin Cover books and even the coffee comes in the Penguin cover mugs. Add a big ole cracked red leather sofa and I was sold. If you can't find me, you can look for me there from now on. Forever.

All photos from the Scolt Head website

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  1. I have no local place anywhere near as awesome. Nothing within walking distance. I'm sure there's something within a 30-mile radius, but if you're feeling lazy and you already have to drive 30 miles one-way for work 6 days a week, you really don't want to hop in the car and drive some more.

    I have yet to find any good pubs near here. And the books! My co-workers are all (sadly) amazed that I always have a book on me and that I spend my break actually reading them. *sigh*


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