Friday, May 25, 2012

Today We're Younger Than We're Ever Gonna Be - Links

Hey you guys. Hope you have a great weekend. I'm trying to make some major life decisions this weekend. Wish me luck. I wish you way more than that. Ten points if you know where that comes from. 

- Stanley Kubrick's NYC Subway photos
- A sneak peak into next season of my favorite show, Homeland
- Some interesting ideas about intellectual property, fair use, youtube
- What if I lived here?
- As if anything could be better than Wolf Hall! You go, Hilary Mantel 
- More on that Nick Hanauer video/TED thing
- Oh, sigh. Let's keep talking about how the musical is dying
- Oh, and here's how some folks think it can be saved
- More on the sad state of theatre
- Crocheted Roberto Bolano! Just what you've always wanted
- Oooh, yes, WHY is literary fame so unpredictable??
- NPR has the full new Regina Spektor album, right here!
- Did you know homegirl doesn't write anything down??

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