Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Artist

Today was a little gem of a day. My pal Betsy treated me to lunch and a catch up session followed by a viewing of Michel Hazanavicius's silent film, The Artist. I was curious to see it for several reasons. It's the kind of old Hollywood adorable deal that has my name written all over it, but I wanted to know 1. Could my attention span really take a silent film? 2. Could they sustain whatever adorableness they might start across a proper feature length? 3. Was it really as good as all the reviews said?

The short answer to all three is Yes. It is delightful and lovely and fresh and offbeat. It's like a little package of peppermints. 

It's physicality for days, sparse but supremely witty dialogue cards, and dancing...oh, the dancing. There's even the most adorable dog bits, and everyone knows there's no love lost between me and the pups. 

French actor Jean Dujardin is like a cross between Errol Flynn, Fred Astaire & Rudy Valentino. And is one of the best examples I can think of to prove that you don't have to have perfect teeth to have an absolutely winning smile. 

His chemistry with Berenice Bejo makes even the audience blush-- and while she's great-- the movie belongs to Jean as George Valentin, the declining silent film star. Well, Jean and Uggie the pooch. Please see it. I'd consider it a personal favor. Happy Saturday!

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